Vance Creek Viaduct


Vance Creek Viaduct | Oct 2016

One of the pacific northwest’s best kept secrets and for good reason. On several accounts I have been accosted by groundskeepers employed by Green Diamond Resource Company and I will explain why. This bridge is incredibly dangerous and with the aforementioned company’s modifications, it is even moreso. In order to make your way to the center of the bridge you will have to balance on an I-beam for about 60 feet while walking ~70 feet in the air. If you fall you will most certainly break a large amount of bones or die. I cannot encourage people to visit this bridge anymore. Please enjoy the view from a distance.

Nautilus in the Fog

Every day when I drive to work I get to glance over and see the USS Nautilus on display at the Submarine Force Library and Museum. Sometimes it’s glistening in the beautiful sun, and late at night you can just barely see a shadow in the moonlight. This particular morning it happened to be surrounded by fog.

Beach – Harkness Memorial State Park

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The other day my wife and I went exploring at some various state parks here in the Groton area – we were at Harkness Memorial State Park when we stumbled upon this beautiful public beach. Finding these hidden gems is one of the best things you can do in your free / off time!

Humble Beginnings

My humble wet shave set up. #WickedEdge #DoubleEdgeMasterRace

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Made a trip to Wal-Mart today to pick up some stuff and saw they carried the Micro Touch One safey razor. Figured picking it up there would be easier than ordering online, and plus instant gratification and all that stuff. So here’s my very first #SOTD picture ever. Don’t laugh at my coat hanger brush holder. This is my first double edge razor ever, although I’ve been using a generic shavette from Sally’s for two years.

The blue/green shaving bowl in the background is what comes with the Van der Hagen shave set, and that’s the shave soap I’m using as well.