Trying The Archaea “Super Co2 Diffuser”

A while back I made a video talking about the “U-Barn Super CO2 Diffuser” and how I was impressed with how well it worked. Well, it worked for about a week until it cracked. I’ve since been using my old ceramic diffuser but recently picked up this diffuser at Aquarium Zen in Seattle, WA. Let’s hope it works better!

Natural 20g Long Sand Planted Tank Journal

Finally convinced my wife to let me pick up another tank, and got it during Petco’s $1/gallon sale. I’m letting my wife design the tank, within reason lol. Fish: 3x Golden panda molly Substrate: Lane Mt Sand #30 Light: 3x 21″ T8 Filtration: Fluval HOB I will be adding DIY Osmocote+ root tabs that I… Continue reading Natural 20g Long Sand Planted Tank Journal