Rio Rancho Speed Enforcement

Ever since we moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico, I’ve noticed their use of cameras to automate their ‘traffic enforcement’ if you can call it that. Interestingly enough, Albuquerque introduced their red light cameras in 2005 but brought the program to an end in 2013. However, the red light cameras seem to be a permanent addition to Rio Rancho as they just renewed the contract with RedFlex, who manufactures and operates the cameras.

What you see in the attached photo, however, is one of Rio Rancho Police Department’s mobile Speed Enforcement units which is a Ford Escape, rigged with a speed radar and DSLR camera to record your license plate. They are extremely mobile and are frequently moved to various locations throughout Rio Rancho. Tip: You are only flagged for a speed violation if you are driving more than 11 MPH over the posted speed limit.

One of Rio Rancho's Mobile Speed Enforcement Units, parked on the west side of Broadmoor Blvd.
One of Rio Rancho’s Mobile Speed Enforcement Units, parked on the west side of Broadmoor Blvd.

Albuquerque Police Department Traffic Unit – Old Town, NM

Took a trip down to Old Town, Albuquerque earlier today with my family as we were already in the area for something else. I’ve been meaning to take some photos of Albuquerque police units as there currently aren’t any photos online with a Creative Commons license.

While walking on San Felipe St I noticed this unit, which I believe is part of their traffic division, parked off to the side. It actually made for a really good photo opportunity although I noticed the unit is a bit dirty (oh well). Hopefully next time I’m in the ABQ area I’ll see some more units I can take pictures of.

Note: These photos are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license and are available in full resolution at the Wikimedia Commons: Picture 1 / Picture 2

Global warming in full effect

Wow! Mother Nature has been relentlessly punishing us with hot temperatures and unusually high humidity here in New Hartford. I don’t mind the heat so much, but it’s the sticky, sweaty and just plain uncomfortable humidity that is killing me! Anyway, with summer also comes luscious flowers of all sorts. On our property we have… Continue reading Global warming in full effect