My name is Jordan. I just recently enlisted in the United States Navy and I thought I’d start a blog to chronicle my nautical journeys so later in life I can reflect on them. This is mostly a photoblog but each post will have some random musings with it…

I am currently running Ubuntu GNOME on my HP laptop. I’ve experimented with many variants of Ubuntu and Linux in general and so far I’ve had the best experience with Ubuntu GNOME.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jordan,
    I am working with Sandoval County, NM Tourism and Economic Development to produce a Visitor’s Guide, the first ever. We have a small mention of Sandia Man Caves and I saw your photo on Wikipedia. I would like to use it in the Guide, if you are o.k. with that. I can give you a photo credit, but we have no photography budget right now. Let me know your thoughts.


    1. Hi Barbara!

      I’m glad you found my photo! You have my full permission to use my photo(s) in the visitor’s guide, all I ask for is a simple credit with my name.

      Thanks again for contacting me!


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