Natural 20g Long Sand Planted Tank Journal

Finally convinced my wife to let me pick up another tank, and got it during Petco’s $1/gallon sale. I’m letting my wife design the tank, within reason lol.

Fish: 3x Golden panda molly
Substrate: Lane Mt Sand #30
Light: 3x 21″ T8
Filtration: Fluval HOB

I will be adding DIY Osmocote+ root tabs that I made. Any advice or suggestions on how to have a successful SAND planted tank are welcome.

One thought on “Natural 20g Long Sand Planted Tank Journal

  1. Very nice tank indeed! :)
    I’ve had aquariums for 54 straight years. I even had one when i went off to college.
    Over the last two summers i had 3 tanks leak (because they were very old) and i went to Petco to get replacements; it always happened during the $1 per gallon sales, so i was very lucky. My wife was always out when it happened, so it was a good thing. All three were in the garage with a cement floor, so the leaking wasn’t too serious. Tanks last for many years (even decades); but they will eventually leak. I now have 9 aquariums and love the hobby. One of my tanks is a 300-gallon aquarium. All of my tanks have egg laying fish in them which i bred myself. Marla puts up with my hobbies! HeeHee! :)


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