Halo 5 brings nothing new to the multiplayer table

I was extremely disappointed with this release of Halo 5: Guardians, or more specifically the online multiplayer experience. Perhaps it’s just too soon to judge the game, but right now I am not enjoying it at all. The whole REQ feature rubs me the wrong way and really reminds me of the killstreak rewards in Call of Duty – they’re GREAT if you’re doing well in the game but if you’re on a losing streak it just adds insult to injury by making more advanced weapons unaccessible. In the end, these ‘Requisitions’ are nothing more than a sneaky marketing gimmick by developers to get players to either A) play the game substantially more in order to get more cards or B) spend real money (“microtransactions”) on these REQ cards. I prefer to to just play the game and receive my rewards in a linear fashion rather than relying on a RNG (random number generator) to decide what or if I receive anything.

More on the REQs: I have played the game for quite a bit and the process of receiving REQ points is painstakingly slow. In addition, I have opened quite a few REQ cards and have received HUNDREDS of duplicate items. This is just in the first 48 hours of playing the game. Extremely disappointing. Developers know players will become frustrated and hope they will just spend real money to open better REQ cards for hopes of better items.

Multiplayer doesn’t really bring anything new or innovative to the table and I don’t understand how 343 Industries expects to compete with other first person shooters which offer a much more substantive & immersive online experience. Most game modes in Guardians are variations of Team Deathmatch and Warzone Assault is really just Rush from Battlefield. I can’t help but feel like this is just a space themed COD style arena shooter. If that’s your thing, fine, but I think I’ll stick to Destiny or Battlefield 4.

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