Escali Badger Brush Review

Photo credit: JMichaelWalker
Photo credit: JMichaelWalker

For $15 dollars I’d expect more of the Escali badger brush. I’m not going to get all technical in my review as I think many others here have already done exceedingly well in that area. I’m not an expert by any means but I could tell from my first lather that this brush is cheap. The soap loads alright but once I go to face lather, the bristles get all bunched up don’t spread the soap very well. Also there seems to be a cluster of bristles in the center of the brush that are all clumped and matted together and look like they might be stuck together with glue. You can see this in other photos that have been uploaded. Also I noticed the first time I used it, once I rinsed the brush out my sink was full of brown water – absolutely disgusting! Not sure it’s animal byproduct or dirt from manufacturing process. Also there is a noticeable animal smell when I’m applying the soap to my face which is quite displeasing.

If you want an alternate brush for around the same price, but significantly higher quality, check out the Omega line, specifically the 20102 or 10066. Happy shaving!

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