The “Eric Sheppard Challenge” Is Absolutely Disgusting

I didn’t make the oath to serve my country for five years so ignorant parasites like this could desecrate the very symbol of American freedom. I am 100% for free speech and expression, but this is just disgusting and degenerative behavior. Unfortunately our freedom knows no bounds, although sometimes I wish it did. More: It’s… Continue reading The “Eric Sheppard Challenge” Is Absolutely Disgusting

“Reverse Discrimination”

So let me see if I understand this… It’s discrimination if a Christian bakery refuses to work with a client who is gay, but it’s -not- discrimination if a gay bakery refuses a Christian client? Blatant liberal hypocrisy… And persecution of Christians is apparently totally acceptable in 2015. I can’t wrap my head around the… Continue reading “Reverse Discrimination”

Nautilus in the Fog

Every day when I drive to work I get to glance over and see the USS Nautilus on display at the Submarine Force Library and Museum. Sometimes it’s glistening in the beautiful sun, and late at night you can just barely see a shadow in the moonlight. This particular morning it happened to be surrounded by fog.

Beach – Harkness Memorial State Park

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The other day my wife and I went exploring at some various state parks here in the Groton area – we were at Harkness Memorial State Park when we stumbled upon this beautiful public beach. Finding these hidden gems is one of the best things you can do in your free / off time!