Leaving Google Drive for Microsoft OneDrive

cloud-storageI’ve been using Google Drive to backup my photos and videos for several years but today I’ve decided to make the switch to Microsoft OneDrive. The pricing is identical (100GB for $1.99), but what made me want to switch is OneDrive’s online functionality. Offline, the two services operate the same – drop your files into a specific folder, and an app sync that to the cloud.

Over the years, I’ve had a strange relationship with Google’s products. I adopted Google’s Picasa Web Albums early on, and quickly upload thousands of photos into organized albums. When it was announced that Picasa Web Albums was dead and Google+ would take over, I merged years of photos over to that service. I liked the built in image enhancement and editing tools, the fact that I could easily tag people and people could comment easily. For redundancy, I also uploaded the raw / full size version of those photos on to my Google Drive as a raw backup. Then one day I saw that you could display Google Drive photos in your Google+ albums, which I experimented with – and it was pure chaos. I had duplicates of everything, some albums were shared, some were private. It was a nightmare. Now Google’s announced that they have plans to yet again overhaul the Google+ photo experience.

Lately the progress on Google Drive’s photo functionality has been slow. By organizing and viewing your photos directly on Google Drive’s web interface, you’re literally just viewing your files as you would on your desktop. With OneDrive it organizes your photos into a chronological stream and your photos are displayed in tiled mosaics. Microsoft has turned OneDrive into a hybrid file viewer / social photo gallery and it’s what I’ve been hoping Google would do with Drive for years.

I’d love to hear in the comments what your opinion is on the available cloud storage services and how their functionality compares to one another.

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