Planet Fitness and their hypocritical “judgement free zone”

Planet Fitness has always been a joke of a gym and this latest news piece just seals it for me. Don’t get me wrong, workout equipment is workout equipment. But the culture they have developed is at their gyms is beyond absurd and is just so indicative of the twisted and liberal lean our society is taking.

I’ve always been able to see through their “no judgement zone” ploy, as it’s just a marketing scheme to get people with no self-esteem to sign up. But last time I checked, shaming and barring bodybuilders is pretty judgemental and discriminatory in my eyes. Remember their “I lift things up and put them down” commercials?

I legitimately feel for people who have gender dysphoria and I can’t imagine what that experience is like. But if you’re a trans man who’s in the process of becoming a woman… I’d suggest staying out of the women’s locker room until you actually look like a woman.

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