Axe’s “White Label” line changes everything

axe_forestAhh, yes… Axe… The beloved body wash and body spray of middle schoolers across America… Well perhaps with the release of the “White Label” line, Axe may change their image and reputation altogether. In my last review, I referred to Axe’s smell as “douchey” – and by that I mean extremely overpowering and obnoxious.

When I was shopping for deodorant the other day I saw this new deodorant from Axe and was intrigued. I almost didn’t pick it up, as I saw the brand name and dismissed it right away, but there was something about the new design I couldn’t ignore. I was pleasantly surprised when I took a sniff of the “Forest” scent as I picked up gentle mixture of pine tree and lavender. Most angsty teenagers will probably turn their nose away to that description, but the mixture of lavender and pine is a very gentlemanly smell that only a man could appreciate.

The deodorant goes on smoothly and doesn’t clump up, and so far it does not seem to irritate my skin at all. And as I said before, the scent is very mild and is barely noticeable after a few hours. Hats off to Axe for this one.

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