Leaving Google Drive for Microsoft OneDrive

I’ve been using Google Drive to backup my photos and videos for several years but today I’ve decided to make the switch to Microsoft OneDrive. The pricing is identical (100GB for $1.99), but what made me want to switch is OneDrive’s online functionality. Offline, the two services operate the same – drop your files into… Continue reading Leaving Google Drive for Microsoft OneDrive

Planet Fitness and their hypocritical “judgement free zone”

Planet Fitness has always been a joke of a gym and this latest news piece just seals it for me. Don’t get me wrong, workout equipment is workout equipment. But the culture they have developed is at their gyms is beyond absurd and is just so indicative of the twisted and liberal lean our society… Continue reading Planet Fitness and their hypocritical “judgement free zone”

Nectar gods have delivered

My first order from Mt Baker Vapor has finally arrived and I’m so excited to try out these flavors! I ordered Bananas Gone Nuts, Vanilla Tobacco, and got a free sample of Admiral Berry Crunch. I will report back on how they taste! The nectar gods have delivered. @MtBakerVapor pic.twitter.com/1DcdoOKbV9 — Jordan (@_whiskeycoffee) March 3,… Continue reading Nectar gods have delivered

Axe’s “White Label” line changes everything

Ahh, yes… Axe… The beloved body wash and body spray of middle schoolers across America… Well perhaps with the release of the “White Label” line, Axe may change their image and reputation altogether. In my last review, I referred to Axe’s smell as “douchey” – and by that I mean extremely overpowering and obnoxious. When… Continue reading Axe’s “White Label” line changes everything