Vapebook by Elysian E-lixers E-Juice Review

Recently I entered an e-juice giveaway on thinking I would never in a million years actually win. Much to my surprise, I was notified just several days later that I had won the contest. Beginner’s luck, I suppose? So what exactly did I win…

Credit: @vaporloft
Credit: @vaporloft

The generous folks at Elysian E-lixers sent me their entire Vapebook line to try out. Now before I start this review, let me say one thing – I have mainly vaped high PG blends, such as 80/20. I decided to try something new and ordered a 30/70 blend which undoubtedly will alter my perception of the flavors.


The VapeBook line is a food/dessert based line of e-juices which ranges from the breakfast themed #DIBS to the bold cinnamon tobacco blend Bump. So if you’re not into e-juices based off food, then read no more. Here’s a breakdown of the complete line:

  • BUMP – Jump in to a very authentic style pumpkin pie excellently balanced with a smooth blend of tobacco.
  • X1 – Sugarplums and cake cream, reminiscent of Fairies dancing around, you will surely be calling X1 on this flavor.
  • HYPE – Hype starts with natural, field-fresh strawberries, then covers them with rich, velvety white chocolate.
  • F5 – A southern style butter pecan ice cream paired with a vanilla custard and a dash of cinnamon to bring it all together.
  • #DIBS – A unique take on a breakfast blend of waffles and milk topped with blueberries and strawberries and just a hint of citrus.

Initial Impressions

Vapebook: HYPE
Credit: @vaporloft

I first started vaping the VapeBook line I thought the flavors were rather muted. Now, that could be because I’m used to the bolder flavors associated with high PG juice blends, or perhaps the juices hadn’t aged enough. Now that I’ve been vaping the line for a week or so I can definitely tell the flavors are becoming more prominent. So my advice is, let these juices steep a bit to really bring out the richness.


If I had to chose one juice from this line as my all day vape it would definitely have to be Bump which is mixture of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and tobacco. My second runner up however would be #DIBS – a nice breakfast vape which reminds me of blueberry waffles with a hint of citrus mixed in. It’s definitely sweet and creamy.


As I said before, if you don’t like food themed e-juices then this line is not for you. However, if you’re tired of your current all-day vape and are looking for some delicious juices – try out the Vapebook line!

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