Hey WordPress, it’s 2015…. Get with the times!

I’ve been blogging with WordPress since 2006. Most of my sites were random hobby blogs that no one read, but I did have a few successful blogs. My most successful site was a music blog that, at its peak, received almost 200,000 pageviews a month. My point is, I know a thing or two about blogging platforms and have been playing with most of them for almost a decade.

About a year ago I decided to start up another blog as I began my career in the US Navy. I figured going the WordPress.com route would be the best choice as I would never have to worry about core upgrades, plugin upgrades, etc etc. I could be gone on deployment for 7 months and come back to an intact site. But that’s where my frustrations began.

I’m used to blogging on the self-hosted version of WordPress where you have complete and utter control. And needless to say, you don’t quite get that with WordPress.com. Sure you can upgrade to Premium which allows more customization at a reasonable price… But WordPress’s most recent announcement sort of irritated me.

The developers announced that Business subscribers would now have the ability to use Google Analytics from within WordPress – a feature that I’m sure every single blogger on WP.com has been dying to have since the day they launched their blog. I’m not trying to be a party pooper, but WordPress – it’s 2015! Isn’t time you caught up with Tumblr and Blogger and allowed us to allow our HTML, or at least allow us to insert our Google Analytics ID into our settings somehow? You’d think for $99 a year we’d at least have the latter functionality.

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