Van der Hagen Shave Soap Lather

Just practicing my lather techniques with the premium Van der Hagen shave soap and accompanied boar brush. If you’re thinking of picking up the VDH shave set and are curious about the soap – this is the type of lather you can expect. Very rich and creamy without clogging your razor, and slick enough to… Continue reading Van der Hagen Shave Soap Lather

Nivea Men “Cool” 3-in-1 Body Wash Review

As a long time Old Spice body wash user, switching over to an all-in-one body wash that I’ve never used before was a little uncomfortable. Now that I’ve been using Nivea’s “Cool” 3-in-1 body wash for about a week, I’m wondering why I didn’t switch sooner. We’ll start with what perhaps is most important for… Continue reading Nivea Men “Cool” 3-in-1 Body Wash Review

Humble Beginnings

My humble wet shave set up. #WickedEdge #DoubleEdgeMasterRace

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Made a trip to Wal-Mart today to pick up some stuff and saw they carried the Micro Touch One safey razor. Figured picking it up there would be easier than ordering online, and plus instant gratification and all that stuff. So here’s my very first #SOTD picture ever. Don’t laugh at my coat hanger brush holder. This is my first double edge razor ever, although I’ve been using a generic shavette from Sally’s for two years.

The blue/green shaving bowl in the background is what comes with the Van der Hagen shave set, and that’s the shave soap I’m using as well.

Settled on the Van der Hagen

About two years ago I ditched traditional razors after a friend recommended I try a straight razor. Not really knowing what I was doing, I picked up a generic shavette from Sally’s and went to town. Fast forward to now. I have the wet shaving technique down pretty well, however it takes me quite some time… Continue reading Settled on the Van der Hagen