I’m not impressed by Ello or their “manifesto”

Today I’ve been seeing the term ‘Ello’ all over my Facebook feed, and I just discovered it’s a new social network being touted as the “Anti-Facebook.” On their website, they list a manifesto (ooooooohhhh!) and declare their service “Simple, beautiful & ad-free.” However, in 2010 MetaFilter user blue_beetle made a comment that would be literally… Continue reading I’m not impressed by Ello or their “manifesto”

Who cares about megapixels, anyway

Came here to say this. As a photographer he shouldn’t be complaining about the phone’s “limited” megapixels. 99% of mobile phone users take photos of their Starbucks drinks and their kids. Having 16 megapixels isn’t going to make those photos look any better. Having a photo of your cat at a resolution of 3,000×3,000 really isn’t that useful either. I’m more intrigued by the photo’s focus/sharpness and color tones.

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Panoramio Will Be Replaced By Google Maps Views

After starting several discussions in various Google Groups and pestering the devs on Twitter and Google+ (sorry guys!), I’ve finally gotten some clarification on what will be happening to Panoramio. Last week Google announced that they would be expanding the Maps Views service to include geotagged photos. This immediately made me wonder what would happen… Continue reading Panoramio Will Be Replaced By Google Maps Views

Panoramio vs Google Maps / Views

I just tried to start a discussion on the Google Maps Views community page: So now that Google Maps / Views is displaying your public geotagged photos, it begs the question – what purpose does +Panoramio serve? Both services include your photos in Google Maps so what happens if you upload the same photo on… Continue reading Panoramio vs Google Maps / Views

Day Trip Pt 1: Gilman Tunnels, Jemez Springs

Earlier in May my mother came to visit us here in New Mexico for the first time. We wanted to pack in as much fun and adventure as we could on a limited budget so we made good use of New Mexico’s natural beauties. We managed to make an entire day trip out of visiting the… Continue reading Day Trip Pt 1: Gilman Tunnels, Jemez Springs