Photo: New Mexican Sunset

My wife and I were driving to Wal-Mart on Unser Blvd one evening and I happened to look over and see this gorgeous sunset. Something in me compelled me to immediately pull over and snap a picture so I could share the moment with my family members on Facebook. I think this photo really encapsulates the beaty of New Mexico and the southwest in general – massive unobstructed horizons filled with beautiful sun and skies, contrasted by the harsh and unforgiving landscape.

A New Mexican sunset as seen from Acano Circle in Rio Rancho, NM.
A New Mexican sunset as seen from Acano Circle in Rio Rancho, NM.

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Photsphere: Canyon Park, Rio Rancho, NM

Near my house there is a park which I drive by almost every day. There’s not much “curb side appeal,” but nevertheless I thought it would be a good location to really put Google’s new Photosphere Camera to the test. I decided I would not only do one photosphere, but do multiple throughout the park so an Internet user could essentially “walk” through the park.

What I discovered while making my photospheres really intrigued me. Throughout the park, there are goals set up so people can play frisbee golf. However, as you go east through the park, some of the goals are quite a ways back and the landscape has become really gnarly and overgrown. To put it simply, the park is in a state of “urban decay” if you will. The park reminds me of Banky’s pieces that feature a serene park with flipped over shopping carts and abandoned cars in them (example here).

It’s quite sad to see, as I’m sure the developers who designed and built Canyon Park had grand visions of North Hills residents using this park for generations to come. The park’s web page touts the park as having “BBQ grills, Disc Golf, Picnic Tables, and a playground.” The playground leaves much to be desired and I don’t recall seeing any BBQ grills or picnic tables. And as previously mentioned, several of the disc golf goals are surrounded by tall weeds and are actually quite hard to see from a distance.

Link: Misplaced fear about Facebook Messenger for Android

All of this hubbub over the new Facebook Messenger is not only hilarious, but it just shows how incredibly misinformed the average person is when it comes to technology. As the linked article points out, the permissions that the messenger app requests are completely normal and required by tens of thousands of other apps out… Continue reading Link: Misplaced fear about Facebook Messenger for Android

Google Makes Photosphere Camera Available For iOS

Yesterday while perusing Google+, I saw a new post from the Google Maps team announcing that a new app, Photosphere Camera, was now available for iOS users. In 2012 Google announced a new service within Google Maps, called Views, which allowed users to upload their own 360 degree photospheres of any location. However, this feature… Continue reading Google Makes Photosphere Camera Available For iOS

Ape Sh!t from Rt 66 Vapors

Picked up some new e-juice from Rt 66 Vapor in Rio Rancho, NM. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys subtle banana flavors. I may be imagining it, but I’m picking some a hint of pineapple candy in it as well. Some users, however, describe the flavor as a banana dipped in peanut butter.

I’ve also started using my iTaste MVP a bit more and am finally getting the hang out. Previously my go-to battery was the Joye eGo-C Upgrade which features the passthrough charging ability.

Rio Rancho Speed Enforcement

Ever since we moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico, I’ve noticed their use of cameras to automate their ‘traffic enforcement’ if you can call it that. Interestingly enough, Albuquerque introduced their red light cameras in 2005 but brought the program to an end in 2013. However, the red light cameras seem to be a permanent addition to Rio Rancho as they just renewed the contract with RedFlex, who manufactures and operates the cameras.

What you see in the attached photo, however, is one of Rio Rancho Police Department’s mobile Speed Enforcement units which is a Ford Escape, rigged with a speed radar and DSLR camera to record your license plate. They are extremely mobile and are frequently moved to various locations throughout Rio Rancho. Tip: You are only flagged for a speed violation if you are driving more than 11 MPH over the posted speed limit.

One of Rio Rancho's Mobile Speed Enforcement Units, parked on the west side of Broadmoor Blvd.
One of Rio Rancho’s Mobile Speed Enforcement Units, parked on the west side of Broadmoor Blvd.

Albuquerque Police Department Traffic Unit – Old Town, NM

Took a trip down to Old Town, Albuquerque earlier today with my family as we were already in the area for something else. I’ve been meaning to take some photos of Albuquerque police units as there currently aren’t any photos online with a Creative Commons license.

While walking on San Felipe St I noticed this unit, which I believe is part of their traffic division, parked off to the side. It actually made for a really good photo opportunity although I noticed the unit is a bit dirty (oh well). Hopefully next time I’m in the ABQ area I’ll see some more units I can take pictures of.

Note: These photos are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license and are available in full resolution at the Wikimedia Commons: Picture 1 / Picture 2