Valentine’s Day

I think all the people that hate on Valentine’s Day are either a) too caught up in the commercialization of the holiday or b) have no one with whom they are intimate. All it really takes is for you and your partner to collectively say “Fuck that” and make your own non-Valentine’s day plans.

Yesterday Alyssa and I got together and went over to visit with my dad and his girlfriend. We were only there for around two hours or so but had some really nice conversations. I love being able to go over there as a couple and be treated like we’re actually adults (which we are, obviously). It’s fun being able to socialize with mature people.

Afterwards we went back to my house and I helped Alyssa put together a simple yet delicious meal that she planned for my roommate and I. It consisted of baked chicken marinated in some herbs, plain couscous, and some steamed broccoli. This was the first real meal that my roommate and I actually sat down for and ate together. I recently decorated our dining room and made it in to a legitimate eating area. Once again, it was so nice to sit down with two people that I care about, enjoy some delicious food, and just get that sense that we’re all so grown up and mature. Despite the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, it was nice including my roommate in our plans. After the main dish I brought out some chocolate covered strawberries as well as chocolate chip cheesecake from Manny’s in Utica. Divine!

Anyway, this is longer than I wanted it to be, but THAT is how you have an amazing, relaxing, and relatively inexpensive Valentine’s Day. It can still be an intimate, special, and memorable V-Day while still proudly exclaiming…. FUCK YOU HALLMARK!!


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