MacBook Pro NVIDIA Graphics Card Failure

Ever since I got my MacBook Pro in the Fall of 2007, it has served me without any errors. This weekend, however, things changed. I turned on the MacBook in the morning and the screen would not come on. I restarted the computer, and the same thing happened. I immediately started to panic and started Googling various queries (i.e. “macbook pro black screen on startup“). Nearly ever result pointed towards a failed logic board – a $1,000 repair. This was, to say the least, not reassuring.

That was when I happened up this page on the Apple support website. Apparently, there are some issues with the NVIDIA graphics cards in the MacBook Pros manufactured between May 2007 and September 2008 – which is when I bought mine.

Seeing as how the nearest Apple store is an hour away, I dropped my MBP off at Connecting Point, a certified Apple repair shop which is local. They are currently running a diagnostic on the computer to see if that is indeed the problem. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…

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