Global warming in full effect

Wow! Mother Nature has been relentlessly punishing us with hot temperatures and unusually high humidity here in New Hartford. I don’t mind the heat so much, but it’s the sticky, sweaty and just plain uncomfortable humidity that is killing me! Anyway, with summer also comes luscious flowers of all sorts. On our property we have several lilac bushes that have already graced us with their beautiful blossoms, but it’s not over yet! Our peonies (Paeonia rockii) are just starting to blossom.

Indoors I have several window plants, but one is very special to me. It is a clone of a geranium that lived in my late grandfather’s house for quite some time. I didn’t feel comfortable taking his original plant, so my mother provided me with a clone of his plant. Pruning the dead flowers and watering the plant gives me an opportunity each day to slow down from my busy live and observe the geranium’s beauty, and of course remember my grandfather. Here are some photos I took earlier this afternoon:

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